LCF Ceiling Fan

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Manufactured and tested to the highest standards the Luft series LCF ceiling fan complies with all relevant specifications for the safety of electrical apparatus. A sample fan was submitted by the manufacturer to the SABS during May 2000, and passed with approval number T0068.


Manufactured and tested to the highest standards the Luft series LCF ceiling fan complies with all relevant specifications for the safety of electrical apparatus. A sample fan was submitted by the manufacturer to the SABS during May 2000, and passed with approval number T0068. The styling is extremely elegant with aerodynamically designed blades firmly attached to a permanent capacitor motor of robust design suspended via a ceiling fixed down rod. The blades are constructed of aluminum and epoxy painted preventing corrosion in all types of atmospheres. The complete assembly finish is brilliant white.

The motor carries a three-year warranty. A ‘Clipsal’ type surface or flush mounted type regulator, providing 4 speeds is supplied with the fan as standard. Electronic voltage controllers are available for single units or as group controllers for up to 18 fans.

A steel shackle is fixed to the upper end of the down rod by means of a nut and bolt which is complete with resilient rubber bush and a ‘U’ shaped ceiling hook. Both upper and lower fixings on the down rod together with the electrical connections are concealed behind pleasantly styled plastic canopies. The regulator is surface mounted and should be fixed to the wall near an electrical point for ease of installation. A 600mm long down rod is supplied as standard that may be cut to suit the particular installation, however, the minimum height from the fan blades to the floor should not be less than 2.3 metres.The permanent capacitor motor with external squirrel cage rotor is of the latest design. The lightweight steel housing gives excellent heat dissipation. The stator and rotor is constructed from high grade silicon steel lamination stampings.