LDF In-Line Duct Fan


The re-designed LDF series of precision made in-line backward bladed centrifugal fans are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. The rectangular inlet and outlet profile makes the installation simple when connecting to standard ducting. These units combine the advantages of the axial fan with the high stability of pressure, low noise and high efficiency of the backward bladed centrifugal fan.

The casing is manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel with standard clip-onflanges giving high quality and light construction. The motor/impeller assembly is fixed to the casing by means of eight rigid electro plated rods. An external terminal box is provided on the casing having IP55 rating
making the unit totally weatherproof.

This compact unit may be mounted in any position and is an ideal selection for all ventilation applications particularly where space and reliability are of prime importance. Their volume/pressure
characteristic, together with a relatively low sound level provides an air mover with outstanding features. The use of laser profile cutting technology insures an accurately balanced, high efficiency impeller

The LDF can operate at pressures of up to 350 Pa making it an ideal selection for a low volume/high pressure application. Since rectangular ducting is preferred over round, there is no need for transformation sections and the ease of the LDF installation makes it an all time winner.