LPA Series S Plate Axial

The Luft, ‘S’ range of plate mounted axial flow fans is a natural extension to the LPA GRP series.


The Luft, ‘S’ range of plate mounted axial flow fans is a natural extension to the LPA GRP series. Produced in four diameters from 710mm to 1000mm and three speeds of 720rpm, 960rpm and 1440rpm (nominal), the LPA series ‘S’ has been designed to maintain the flexibility of a standard
propeller fan for wall or duct mounting while ensuring the performance and sound level of the more sophisticated axial flow fan.The complete assembly is mounted on a square mild steel plate. This plate incorporates the impeller track designed essentially for Form A or Form B operation. The motor is supported by four rigid, mild steel arms of aerodynamic design, which are fixed to the plate. This complete assembly is powder coated to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. A guard is fitted as standard and serves as a protection screen to avoid accidental contact with the rotating impeller and prevents air-borne objects from passing through the fan.The polypropylene impeller with true aerofoil section blades, delivers maximum output with low noise levels. The centre hub is die cast aluminum and fixed to the motor shaft by a retaining washer and high tensile bolt. A legend plate showing fan details is fixed to the rear of motor for easy reference.

Manufactured essentially from corrosion proof materials, all fixings are electro galvanized. The powder coated mild steel plate and protection guard, together with the polypropylene blades ensure the highest degree of anti rust protection for the fan assembly.Extruded aluminum air stream motors of robust design are generously sized to match the impeller diameter. Class ‘F’ insulation with IP55 protection is standard throughout the range insuring protection against moisture and industrial atmospheres. Bearings are sealed and are to SABS and IEC standards. The motor temperature range is from –20ºC and 40ºC. All fans have standard metric frame motors.