OX 100-315 Tube Fan

The OX range of tube fans, or inline duct fans as they are sometimes referred to, are used mainly for moving small to medium air volumes through duct runs with relatively high resistance’s.


The OX range of tube fans, or inline duct fans as they are sometimes referred to, are used mainly for moving small to medium air volumes through duct runs with relatively high resistance’s. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications makes this air mover the obvious choice.

Typical installations include offices, shops, restaurants and any other small environments where air is to be moved from one point to another or where the fan distributes air to one or more areas via branch ducting. Available in eleven models, in diameters from 100mm to 315mm and with inlet and identical sized discharge spigots to suit all standard flexible ducting. Air volumes of up to 513 l/sec and static pressures of up to 646 Pa are possible with these fans.

The complete assembly is housed within a zinc coated corrosion resistant sheet metal casing and painted with a silver enamel finish. The unit comes complete with a mounting bracket. A PVC terminal box is mounted on the outside of the fan making the electrical connection to a 220 volt power supply a simple task. A legend sticker is fixed to the lid of the terminal box providing all technical data for the unit. The IP44 motor is an external rotor type which is mounted inside the backward bladed impeller assembly and incorporates built in thermal overload protection. Each model is speed controllable when coupled to a suitable sized speed regulator. This offers great flexibility in achieving the desired air quantities required in any ventilation system. Specifications for the speed regulators are detailed on the fan’s brochure.

Silencers, or attenuators as they are often referred to, are available in various lengths for each model. Details and specifications are shown on our Sonex silencer publication.