TT In-Line Mixed Flow Fan

VENTS TT series full-featured fans combine manifold possibilities and high features of axial and centrifugal fans and applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems that require high pressure.


VENTS TT series full-featured fans combine manifold possibilities and high features of axial and centrifugal fans and applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems that require high pressure, powerful airflow and low noise level and compatible with 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250, 315 mm round ducts.

Fans of TT series are the best solution for air exhaust systems of premises with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens as well as for ventilation of flats, cottages,shops, cafes, cinemas etc.The casing is made of high-quality durable ABS plastic (TT 100-200) or fire resistant polypropylene (TT 250-315). Motor with impeller and terminal box are fixed on the casing by means of special clamps with latches, designed in such a way as to ensure easy dismantling without any special skills or tools.

Such design ensures easy service and maintenance access. All the models can be fitted with adjustable timer with turn-off delay from 2 to 30 minutes (TT…T). Power cord with plug can be provided for easy connection and operation (TT…R).

One-phase motor with ball bearings has two speeds. Some standard sizes have motors with more powerful features (TT…S). The motors are equipped with built-in overheating protection with automatic restart. Motor protection rating IP X4.The two speed motor is controlled by means of the external speed control switch. For smooth speed control use symistor or auto transformer controller connected to the terminal for motor maximum speed.